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Name Yggdrasil
Kanji Title ユグドラシル
Romaji Title Yugudorashiru
Literal Meaning World Tree
A.K.A. The Silvestre's Backbone
Current Boss Unknown
Caren Bosco (former)
Serving Under Silvestre Famiglia

Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル, Yugudorashiru) is the backbone organization of the Silvestre Famiglia. Assembled during the early stages of the family's growth, Yggdrasil grew from a small intelligence agency designed to locate and identify incidents revolving around the likes of Dying Will Flames and Wave Energy to a massive 'cog' in the Silvestre's 'machine'. In a manner somewhat to the Vongola's CEDEF, Yggdrasil acts as a intelligence agency for the Silvestre, performing its original duties as well as being mostly in charge of the Silvestre's relations with the Mafia world at large, also performing 'clean up' and even helping in the selection of new officials into the family itself. The current Boss of Yggdrasil is often considered to have power even rivalling the Silvestre's Boss, and they are able to speak on equal terms with them, though some subservience is still usually required.

Members of Yggdrasil come not just from the Silvestre, but also their various allied families, the Bosco Famiglia and --- Famiglia being the most prominent recruiters, in order to demonstrate their loyalty.



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