Wine Flames
Color Wine red
Kanji ワイン
Romaji Wain
Characteristic Disorientation
Ability Makes the enemy and objects unable to follow a path, no matter the effort put into otherwise
Users unknown
Belongs To Special Flames

The Wine Flames(ワインの炎, Wain no Honō) are a Special Flame meaning they arent categorized in any array of each flame class, They are an extremely rare Dying Will Flame that needs a special object to ignite, no known user is known since the object needed to ignite them is still a mystery


The flames are wine red, being the center a little darker then the ends, the flame tends to spiral a lot and pieces that separate from the main flame spiral until they fade away.

Properties Edit

The flames properties are to make paths impossible to follow, this includes, every path. Projectiles will not follow a straight line when influenced by this flame nor will close range attacks hit the desired target, homing attacks will be hindered the most. Experienced users can make these flames to such an extent that the enemy could even hit himself or worst.

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