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Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo

Nine Tailed Fox Box Weapon Animal

Title Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo
Name Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo
Attribute Sky
Animal Nine Tailed Fox
User Fabiano Cacciatore
Abilities Harmonization
Cambio Forma Fabiano's Umani Nove-Code
Size 5 foot 1 (154.94 cm) in length

3 foot 5 (104.14cm) in height

  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Lacerating
  • Tail Burn

The Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo is the unique dying will powered weapon of Fabiano Cacciatore, developed form a capture box weapon.

The Will Power Weapons of the Cacciatore Faiglia were developed from a creation of Verde recovered by Cacciatore Septimo. Caaciatore Septimo, during a battle alongside Bovino Famiglia, was hit by shot from a Ten Year Bazooka and sent into the timeline of the Future Arc (before it was altered by Byakuran's defeat).

When in the future Cacciatore Septimo was attacked by a box weapon user (weaker than average standard) and managed to kill his aggressor. He recovered the box weapon and brought it back to the past with him. The creation once brought back was studied and was found to work with the Dying Will Flames of the Sky, possessed by all members of the famiglia. After which the famiglia put its vast accumulated wealth into research to commission the building of dying will weapons for the next generation of the Cacciatore Famiglia leaders

The Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo is an animal will power weapon shaped after the mythical creature the Nine Tailed Fox. During its creation the sceintists realised that without the restriction of the weapon being in box shape the will power wepaons could change form, as such the Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo has the ability to use an ability similar to the Vongola Famiglia Cambio Forma called "Umani Nove-Code".

Fabiano Cacciatore Cambio Forma 1 (Miketsukami Soushi)

Fabiano Using Cambio Forma