Name Raphael
Kanji ラファエル
Rōmaji Rafaeru
Race Human(Bodily Modified)
Birthday 8th May
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 179cm
Weight 71kg
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Bodily Modifications
Professional Status
Affiliation Verde
Occupation Slave under Verde
Team Verde and Associates
Partner Verde
Base of Operations Verde's Base
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Alias Right-Hand of God (神の片腕 Kami no Kataude)
Flames & Weaponry
Flames Unknown/None
Weapons Right-Hand(Modified)
Image Gallery

Raphael (ラファエル Rafaeru) a mafia who serves under the Arcobaleno, Verde as his slave. Formerly a prosperous mafia of an unnamed famiglia aligned with the Vongola, Verde would confront and kidnap Raphael, modifying his bodily structure to become a weapon in itself. From then on, he would become Verde's right-hand man, assisting him in any endeavor that he undergoes.



Raphael's general appearance

Raphael bears the appearance of a young man with a relatively lean build, but not completely fragile, and has a relatively toned abdomen. He possesses concealed brown hair, and red eyes. He wears an attire that hides much of him, including a large red coat with a hoodie, that goes down to his knees. Under this, he wears a completely black tracksuit which is designed for combar. He always wears a pair of white gloves, mainly to conceal the modifications of his right arm, which is in-fact, a complete black.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Raphael, as a slave to Verde for many years, as well as being a mafioso for many years, has accumulated a large amount of experience and power. He is noted to be on a similar power-level to most of the elite mafioso of the current time, including the infamous Varia, although he isn't at the level of Xanxus as of yet.

High Cunning:

  • Expert Strategist and Tactician:
  • Expert Manipulator:
  • Expert Chemist/Inventor:

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Weaponry Mastery:



Raphael's right-hand


Behind the ScenesEdit

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