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Nero Famiglia


Famiglia Name Nero
Kanji Title ネロ ファミリー
Romaji Title Nero Famirii
Literal Meaning "Black"
Current Boss Ombra Nero
Organisations Unknown
Allied Families None

The Nero Famiglia (ネロ ファミリー, Nero Famirii) is a mysterious mafia famiglia that has largely remained hidden in shadows. Avoiding detection for hundreds of years, they developed their own brand of Dying Will Flames, the Dying Will Flames of Sin, that stood in direct opposition to the Flames of Virtue that were wielded by the Lume Famiglia. Eventually, their various monstrous activities were discovered by both the Lume as well as the Silvestre family, and the two famiglia formed an alliance in order to wipe them out. Hunting down the various members of the Nero, they suffered catastrophic casualties during the conflict that followed, until the Nero were finally defeated and scattered. Believing the Nero defeated, the Lume and Silvestre cemented their alliance for the generations to come.

However, the Nero had managed to survive. Gathering in deeper secret than ever before, they pledged vengeance on the rest of the Mafia world, and spent more than decades building up their forces again. Eventually, they fully reassembled under the leadership of their new Boss, Ombra Nero, and launched their long-promised war of exterimination, beginning with the ones who had driven them into hiding in the first place: the Lume and the Silvestre.

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