Maximillion Deff


Kanji Name ヴィッキー·セント·グッチ
Title Gucci Storm Guardian
Gender Male
Age 24
Status Alive
Famiglia Gucci Famiglia
Weapons Gucci Storm Ring
Box Animal Bobcat
Flame Sky/Flame of Greed

Maximillion Deff, he was the perfect successor to be the next Gucci boss, but one thing was wrong, he does not posses the full Gucci blood to become the Gucci boss. Now, he serves his younger cousin, and his rival, Vicki in a fierce yet admirable manner. His strength and skills in battle was the main reasons why he was made the right hand man of the Gucci boss.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Max has medium length silver hair slicked back with distinctive purple eyes. He wears the Deathly Hallows necklace which was a gift from the Author of Harry Potter. He wears his cloak open which reveals that he wears no shirts. He is also lean and muscular and is fair skinned. Max embodies the personality of the Storm, he is fierce. He is foulmouthed when in pressure and can be violent at times. His presence is reassuring to his allies and a pain in the ass to his enemies. Max will does not attack enemies when he isn't ordered or sure to attack.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

Max, even without his Storm ring is still inhuman in standards, he posseses abilities that a normal human isn't suppose to do. Max is perfect for his position as a Storm Guardian, mainly because when he's mad, he is like a storm, so unstoppable.