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Mattone Band

マットトネ バンド


Mattotone Bando


To conduct dying will flames.


To allow it's user to fight physically without problem.


Ryota Kobayashi


The Mattone Band (マットトネ バンド, Shirubusutore Kurosu) is the signature weapon of Ryota Kobayashi. The Mattone Band is a wristband, created from a special material which both conducts, and is highly resistant, if not immune to flames. The fabric itself, though unnamed, is all natural, yet flexible, and extremely strong and sturdy at the same time. The main ability of the bands is that it allows Ryota to emit flames on his hands, and arms as a whole. By using the "Assimilate" factor of the Nature Flames, he is able to assimilate the cloth's properties into his arms, thus making them harder and sturdier than normal, allowing a plethora of new abilities.




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