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Kelvin Flame

Kelvin Flame

Color White/Silver
Kanji ケルビン
Romaji Kerubin
Characteristic Polarizzare (Polarize)
Ability To induce absolute 0 freezing things in space momentarily.


The Kelvin flame looks like a white-silver flame when produced from a ring. They unlike the other Math Flames are actually relatively hot to touch and can ignite things. Once a certain output threshold is reached the flames start creating white triangles all around the user especially on the ground covering it like a snow blanket.



The special characteristic of the Kelvin flame is its ability to momentarily induce a 0 state kelvin on anything it reaches, immobilizing them perfectly without hope of moving until a few moments pass and they get restored to their normal state.

The Polarize characteristic grows longer with the users strength, will and mastery. And also more easy to be used, known to be spammed by good users in their combos, to prevent the enemy from stopping them in any important movement.


The polarize characteristic is extremely powerful as it allows one to momentarily stun the opponent, this is an exceptionally powerful technique for hand to hand fighters as it gives them a clear advantage over the enemy.

It can also be used defensively against projectiles by freezing them in mid air just enough for the user to get out of the way the Kelvin Flame proves itself to be the best ally for anyone who likes to get up close and personal. Ranged users may also use it to freeze projectiles long enough to surprise the enemy from angles they couldn't predict.


  • The Kelvin Flames being the only Math flame with an actual temperature is a reference to how the Kelvin is an unit of measurement of temperature.