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Ice Flame, is the property of Senpai. This page is to not be touched without authorization. If you dare touch it, I'll tell the stupid Long-Haired Captain and he will give me permission to kill you.

Ice Flame

Ice Flame

Color Orchid
Romaji Kōri
Characteristic Vivacita (Animation)
Ability Animating Ice, Rejuvenation, and Healing
Users Ice Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Arctic

Ice Flames possess an orchid core, which two outer layers of purple enveloping it, the shade getting gradually darker. The first being violet, and the second being dark purple. The Animation characteristic of the Ice Flame has the ability to "animate" the user's ice to create near sentient forms of ice, generally in the form of a person, or animal to do the user's bidding. This flame can also ne used on the human body, of which he or she can animate the human body, rejuvenating it. Sometimes, the Ice Flame's Animation characteristic can heal another being by animating their cells. However this skill seems to be limited to very skilled flame users.


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