Gin Hotarubi


Romaji Name Gin Hotarubi
  • The Shining
  • The white sun
Gender male
Age 15
Status alive
Date of Birth 4 May
Famiglia Bianco Famiglia
Partner Dingo Sereno Di Cielo
Team Bianco Guardians
  • Sereno Boots
  • Sereno Gloves (upgraded)
Box Animal Dingo Sereno Di Cielo
Flame Sun Flame , Sky Flame
Height 175 cm

Gin Hotarubi was the man destined to become the next boss of the bianco famiglia,but he refused and became the Sun Guarian of his famiglia.


Gin is a young man of average height with yellow eyes,and short white hair

He wears a white hawaiän shirt with a red shirt underneath and blue pants with a brown belt tied around his waist.


Abilities and PowersEdit


  • Gin's appearance is based off of Gin from Hotaru no Mori e

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