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Flame of Energy

Flame of Energy

Color Pinkish-Red
Characteristic Energize/Assimilate
Ability Destroying
Users Marco Gagliardi
Belongs To Special Flames

The Flame of Energy (エネルギーの炎, Enerugī no Honō) is a special flame which is widely regarded as an extremely powerful destructive flame. The Flame of Energy is also said to be exceedingly rare, as there has been only a few instances of it's use.


The special characteristic of this Flame is known as "Energize", which is the ability to give vitality, and supply energy, to allies. This however, is not all. The Flame of Energy allows the user to freely manipulate the flame's state between the different forms of energy, be it thermal or electric, thus giving it extreme versatility and destructive powers beyond that of a normal flame.

When initially released, the Flame itself is pure energy, and has the effects of what you would normally see in your average anime, yet still in a "flame" form. People who utilize this power do not have to have external outlets like weapons or rings to ignite the flame, instead they can simply release it on will. The flame also seems to hold a bit of the "Assimilate" property of the Nature Flames.