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Fabiano Cacciatore
Fabiano Cacciatore
Kanji Name ファビアン·ハンター
Romaji Name Fabiano Cacciatore
Title Cacciatore Ottavo
Gender Male ♂
Age 21
Status Alive
Date of Birth 25th August
Famiglia Cacciatore Famiglia
Partner Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo
Team Cacciatore Ottavo Guardians
Box Animal Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo
Flame Sky Flame
Blood Type AB Positive (universal recipient)
Height 6 foot 3 inches (190.5 cm)
Weight 196 lbs


Fabiano is the young leader of the Cacciatore Famiglia, an ancient of Famigilia of assassins feared throughout the world for their ability to reach targets though impossible by others.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Combat SkillsEdit


Fabiano is a master swordsman on a level close the ability of the sword emperor.

Hand to Hand CombatEdit


Non-Combat SkillsEdit

Lie DetectionEdit

Fabiano has a natural innate ability to tell when someone is speaking the truth or not. He uses this ability to the advantage of his Famiglia whenever there is a meeting between the Cacciatore and another Famiglia.

Dying Will FlamesEdit

Fabiano is able to use the Dying Will Flames of Sky, as well as flame type unique to himself (yet to be decided). He is also one of the few Dying Will users, who is able to produce Dying Will Flames directly from his skin (in a similar way to Vongola Secoundo and Xanxus). However Fabiano since beginning his training to use his Dying Will Flames has been unable to turn off the power, as such he normally wears small gloves to suppress the flames and allow him to live normally.


Fabiano Cacciatore Cambio Forma 1 (Miketsukami Soushi)

Fabiano Using Cambio Forma

Box WeaponEdit

Fabiano has an unusual box weapon called "Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo". It was commissioned to be created by Verde, that works in a similar way to the Boxes of Carnage when in Cambio Forma. It gives him the appearance of a human form nine tailed fox demon.


Fabiano uses a katana which is stored in a stick like sheath. The sheath makes it look like a decorative short walking stick.


Whenever on an assassination mission Fabiano will always wear a mask to conceal his face and identity.

Fabiano Cacciatore's Fox Mask

Fabiano's Fox Mask


  • Fabiano's appearance is that of Miketsukami Soushi and several of his abilities were created to match his appearance.
  • Fabiano's Theme Song is:

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