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The Dying Will Flames of the Seasons (死ぬ気の炎季節, Shinuki no Honō Kisetsu; Viz: Deathperation Flames of the Seasons) are a set of seven Dying Will Flames that are exclusive to the Silvestre Famiglia, though on occasion members of the likes of the Bosco Famiglia have been shown to possess them. They represent the various seasons of ecological time, in this case being: the Seasons themselves, Spring, Summer, Monsoon season, Autumn, Winter, and the Prevernal season. Their attributes are also based around these seasons, being directly derived from the traits of the seasons themselves or related to them in some way. The names of the Flames also seem to directly mark the current Silvestre Boss and his Guardians, as each generation of Bosses and Guardians possesses one of the flames (with the bosses utilizing the Seasonal Flames and the others being distributed among the Guardians). Like the Dying Will Flames of the Sky, the users' Wave Energy seems to be directly linked to the type of flame that they will use, and the Wave Energies of those belonging to the family are often classified according to the Flames of the Seasons, though some rare exceptions to this have been known to occur on occasion.

Despite being referred to as flames, many of the attributes of the flames themselves appear to be more akin to other substances.

The Seven Flames of the SeasonsEdit

Seasonal Flames (Stagione)Edit

Color: Green

Characteristic: Cambiamento (変更 Henkō lit. "Change")

Japanese Translation: Kisetsu-teki (季節的)

Ability: Change

Known Users: Silvestre Bosses, Caules SilvestreCaren BoscoDurante Silvestre

Description: The leader of the Seven Flames of the Seasons, Seasonal Flames are the embodiment of the Seasons themselves, and therefore, they possess the characteristic of "change". This characteristic seems to embody the moving forward of time itself, as things slowly change over time, in the same way that the seasons change and the habits of animals and people changes with them. When one attacks while wielding the flame, the damage done is less of an attack, and more of the attacked being 'changed', their body moving forward to one that has taken damage over one that remains undamaged. This also lends the flames an odd sort of propulsion power, and almost all those who are stuck by the flames find themselves being forced backwards, slowly being pushed towards the location where they are to be knocked back, though those with an incredible amount of strength have proven capable of resisting the forward pushing of the attack. This characteristic also allows the Seasonal Flames to access all of the various Silvestre Box Weapons, as it allows the Seasonal Flames to modify themselves into the flame required to open and unlock it. This change is apparenlty as inevitable of the changing of the seasons themselves, though the flames return to normal as soon as the Box Weapon has been unlocked. However, those of the other flame types cannot open Seasonal-type Boxes, as they do not possess the same characteristic that the main flames of this set possess.

Appearance: Seasonal Flames take the appearance of a smooth emerald green flame in the center, gradually becoming lighter as they fan out towards the edges, which are a pure white color, and becoming darker the closer they go towards the center of the flames, which is a very dark, almost black shade of green. The flames have been described as beautiful, and to have a surprisingly calm, and yet also saddening feel to them, as if one is looking at time itself, as it slowly changes, and how nothing remains the same. Nonetheless, those seeing it for the first time are usually frozen in place, staring at it for a few seconds before they snap out of it, or someone else snaps them out of it.

Spring Flames (Primavera)Edit

Color: Pink

Characteristic: Ringiovanimento (若返り Wakagaeri lit. "Rejuvenation")

Japanese Translation: Haru (春)

Ability: Rejuvenation

Known Users: Daimon Sakurai

Description: Spring Flames are the second of the set, and they embody the season of Spring. For this purpose, they possess the characteristic of "Rejuvenation". When these flames are set alight, everyone on the battlefield finds their attention drawn to them for a split second. All those who the user calls allies find their spirits lifting, their wounds feeling not as painful, their energy slowly flooding back to them. Even those who are not on the same side as the user can see the effect take shape, and will either feel slightly repaired themselves, or even a bit weaker due to the regained heart of their enemies and opponents. The neutral life around the user is affected, as nearby plants, animals, and other such creatures find themselves also gaining the strength to move again, or receive simply more vitality upon what they have already gained or have possessed beforehand. The user themself isn't exempt, either, as they find that their own strength and endurance is constantly refilled in the middle of a fight, and because of this they can take a massive amount of damage from opponents, much more than even another Dying Will Flame user should be able to take. While those who are allies take heart at the appearance of the Spring Flames, those who are their enemies find themselves losing morale as those that they have dealt damage to regain their own stamina and will to battle.


Summer Flames (Estate)Edit

Color: Sunglow

Characteristic: Immolazione (犠牲 Gisei lit. "Immolation")

Japanese: Natsu (夏)

Ability: Molecular Burning and Melting

Known Users: Summer Guardian(s), Phenix Lee



Monsoon Flames (Monsone)Edit

Color: Navy

Characteristic: Precipitazione (降水量 Kōsui-ryō lit. "Precipitation")

Japanese Translation: Monsūn (モンスーン)

Ability: Water Manipulation/Generation

Known Users: Monsoon Guardian(s), Blake Kristensen



Autumn Flames (Autunno)Edit

Color: Goldenrod

Characteristic: Deciduo (落葉性 Rakuyō-sei lit. "Deciduous")

Japanese Translation: Aki (秋)

Ability: Power Negation

Known Users: Autumn Guardian(s), Viorica Floresti



Winter Flames (Inverno)Edit

Color: Cornflower Blue

Characteristic: Nevicata (降雪 Kōsetsu lit. "Snowfall")

Japanese Translation: Fuyu (冬)

Ability: Ice Manipulation

Known Users: Winter Guardian(s), Axel Bernhardt



Prevernal Flames (Prevernal)Edit

Color: Yellow Green

Characteristic: Rinascita (新生 Shinsei lit. "Rebirth")

Japanese Translation: Pureburunaru (プレブルナル)

Ability: Power Restoration

Known Users: Prevernal Guardian(s), Eun Park



Description: Prevernal flames take the form of light green flames, with a flower pattern.