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The seven Dying Will Flames of the Ocean are said to almost rival the Dying Will Flames of the Sky and the Dying Will Flames of the Earth. It is the trademark of the Alfonso Famiglia. Each flame represents an aspect of the Ocean.

The Seven Flames of the OceanEdit

Ocean (Oceano)Edit

Known Users: Ocean Guardians/Alfonso Famiglia Boss

Description: Users of the Ocean Flame have the ability to control all of the water in the vicinity, even water vapour. They are able to condense the water and put a lot of pressure into it to make devastating attacks with great force. The attacks are capable of breaking through mountains and steel.

Appearance: Ocean Flames are blue in colour and looks like the Sky Flame and Earth Flame except it looks as though the flame is being put out (similar to how you blow on a candle but the flames just won't go out).

Island (Isola)Edit

Known Users: Island Guardians

Description: Users of the Island Flame are capable of generating volcanoes out of the ground. The volcanoes generated are small volcanoes, about as large as a two story house. With the ability to generate volcanoes, the user has full control over lava and magma that is generated from only volcanoes that the user generates.

Appearance: Island Flames looks like a pile of magma while on fire.

Reef (Scogliera)Edit

Known Users: Reef Guardians

Description: Users of the Reef Flame have the ability to erode anything by physical contact from the user. The erosion ability can even be used by weapons that is wielded by the user.

Appearance: Reef Flames looks like shards of reef.

Dune (Duna)Edit

Known Users: Dune Guardians

Description: Users of the Dune Flame have the ability to generate sand that will dry up anything the user touches. Living things are withered through dehydration and inanimate objects will crumble to dust. Only metal and ferrous substances are spared from this ability.

Appearance: Dune Flames looks like sand.

Wave (Onda)Edit

Known Users: Wave Guardians

Description: Users of the Wave Flame are capable of generating wind and move them however they want. The winds are capable of moving at such high speeds that it can slice through anything.

Appearance: Wave Flames looks like white flames blowing around the body of the user.

Iceberg (Iceberg)Edit

Known Users: Iceberg Guardians

Description: Users of Iceberg Flame are capable of freezing anything, whether it is from a distance or up close. They are capable of creating solid objects made out of ice by freezing the water vapour in the air.

Appearance: Iceberg Flames looks like shards of ice.

River (Fiume)Edit

Known Users: River Guardians




  • Without knowing it, I coincidentally made the Reef Flame and the Iceberg Flame very similar to the Swamp Flame and Glacier Flame.


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