The Dying Will Flames of the Animal are seven different coloured flames that have their own attributes and unique properties. The flames are named after various animals. They are the unique flames of the ??? Famiglia.

The Seven Flames of the AnimalEdit

Animal (Animale)Edit

Known User(s): Lupi Familgia Heads

Description: The Animal Flame has the unique ability of Growth. The flames promote growth on anything they touch.

Appearance: The Boa Flames are greyish brown flames.

Boa (Boa)Edit

Known User(s): Boa Guardians

Description: The Boa Flame has the unique ablity of constriction. The flames manifest as tendrils. The tendrils are intangible, however they will turn solid if a loop is formed with them, which will them slowly tighten. This can tighten enough to crush gems. The flames can be used defensively, if a loop is formed around empty air.

Appearance: The Boa Flames resemble a pile of green, withering snakes.

Canine (Canino)Edit

Known User(s): Canine Guardians

Description: The Canine Flame has the unique ability of gripping or hooking. The flames 'bite' at anything that touches them and grips them.

Appearance: The Canine Flames look like brown flames.

Wing (Ala)Edit

Known User(s): Wing Guardians

Description: The Wing Flame has the unique ability of lightening. The flames, when used in moderation, lighten anything they touch. When in heavy concentration though, the flames can make things heavier.

Appearance: The Wing Flames are pure white flames.

Piranha (Pesce)Edit

Known User(s): Piranha Guardians

Description: The Piranha Flame has the unique ability of tearing. The flames, when surronding an object for long enough, will tear it apart. This is not to be confused by the Storm Flames disintigration power, as the Piranha Flame leaves behind the object.

Appearance: The Piranha Flames are a greenish-blue flame.

Swarm (Sciame)Edit

Known User(s): Swarm Guardians

Description: The Swarm Flame has the unique attribute of stinging. Anything surronded by the flames get's "stung" and becomes fatigued.

Appearance: This flame manifests itself as a light green hazy flame.

Frog (Rana)Edit

Known User(s): Frog Guardians

Description: The Frog Flame has the unique attribute of springiness. If anything forceful comes into contact with the flame, they will be hit back with the same amount. Also anything covered in this flame will become springy, which can improve someone's jumping ability if their feet and legs get covered in the fire.

Appearance: This flame manifists itself as a greenish-yellow, semi-liquid flame.

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