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Title Corruption
Flame Sin Flames
Abilities To devour other flames and objects and convert it into more flames
Animal Grey Goo
Users Sin Flame Users

Corruption (汚職, Oshoku, Italian "Corruzione") is the unique characteristic of the Sin Flame. An incredibly powerful one, this allows the Sin Flames to devour other objects, beings, or even Dying Will Flames, and then converting them into more Sin Flames for the user to utilize. When this occurs, the Sin Flames appear to surround and devour the target, almost as if they were a living force. In the case of living beings, the Sin Flames can regurgitate the being in question, with their bodies now saturated with the flames, twisted and tainted in exchange for receiving power from the flames directly.

The user's body also seems to slightly affected by his characteristic, though this can cured in a number of ways (varying from the use of a Flame Contract to using one's Box 'Animal' to recreate their body, as in the case of Ombra Nero).

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