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Caules Silvestre


Kanji Name コーレス シルブストレ
Romaji Name Kooresu Shirubusutore
Viz Translation Caules Silvestre
Title Silvestre Settimo (シルブストレ セッティモ , Shirubusutore Settimo)
Gender Male
  • 16 (Present)
  • 26 (Future)
Status Active
Date of Birth January 1st
Partner Unknown
Team Silvestre Settimo & Guardians
Box Animal
Flame Seasonal
Blood Type A
Height 5'6"
Weight 119 lbs.
Seiyu Yūto Uemura
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

— Caules


Caules Silvestre (コーレス シルブストレ, Kooresu Shirubusutore) is seventh boss-in-training of the Silvestre Famiglia. Born the son of Caren Bosco, sixth head of the affiliated Bosco Famiglia, and an unknown individual, he ended up abandoned on the streets for an unknown reason. Barley managing to survive for his first few years of life, the young Caules was finally found and taken in by Durante Silvestre, the Silvestre Quinto (シルブストレ クイント, Shirubusutore Kuinto). Adopted as his grandson, the next few years of Caules' life were much brighter than they had ever been before, and he began to once again hope for a better future. During this period, he also received some slight amount of training, being taught how to ignite his Dying Will Flames to a limited extent. Eventually, his adoptive grandfather passed away, and Caules was forced to survive on his own again, albeit in a much better situation than before.

Several years later, he encountered Blake Kristensen, a rising courier for the Silvestre, as she worked to deliver the Silvestre Rings to to the seventh generation of guardians. Pursued by various factions and fragments of old families who had been destroyed through the Silvestre's special actions and desired to end the next generation of the famiglia before it could begin, she ended up enlisting/forcing Caules to help her through a variety of incidents, and in the midst of the second major confrontation, Caules remembered the training that he had undergone. Donning the Seasonal Ring, he once again tapped into his Wave Energy and managed to release one of the Flames of the Seasons, the Seasonal Flames. Fighting them back, Kristensen immediatley decided to select him as the next boss, based on his surname and the Flame he was capable of using. Agreeing, if only in a supposed temporary capacity, Caules set out with her to recruit the rest of his Guardians.

He is the future bearer of the title Silvestre Settimo (シルブストレ セッティモ , Shirubusutore Settimo).



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