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Cacciatore Famiglia
Cacciatore Fox Logo
Famiglia Name Cacciatore Famiglia
Kanji Title ハンターファミリー
Romaji Title Hantāfamirī
Literal Meaning Hunter Family
A.K.A. -
Current Boss Fabiano Cacciatore (Cacciatore Ottavo)
Organisations Cacciatore Ottavo's Guardians
Allied Families Vongola Famiglia (Working Alliance)


The Motto of the Cacciatore Famiglia is "A fox is a wolf who sends flowers". The Motto though seemingly meaningless has hidden meaning. It means that a wolf will kill its prey and forget, a fox will honour its prey. As such every member of the Cacciatore is taught to honour the bodies of their fallen enemies and send flowers to their funeral (through third parties of course).

This contradiction in their motto sums up the Cacciatore Famiglia very well, killers who honour their prey no matter how good or evil they were in life.

Every Mafioso who becomes a full member of the Famiglia has to be able to use Dying Will in combat. As such the Famiglia is smaller than prominent Famiglia normally are, but in return the Famiglia has considerably more combat power per fighter than most mafia organisations.


The Burning OathEdit

The Burning Oath is a tradition for when members become fully fledged members of the Famiglia.

Due to the nature of their work as assassins almost any secret leaked from within the Famiglia could, put many members in prison for most of their lives. As such the second generation developed a technique whereby the person who performs the ritual creates a "knot" of Will Energy at the base of their brain stem. The person who takes the oath is conditioned to react a certain way upon betraying the secrets of the Famiglia, which causes the knot to expand and sever the brain stem.

Though seemingly a brutal act of enslavement to outsiders, it is not not possible to complete the ritual against the person's will. As such it is considered the ultimate act of loyalty and anyone who take the oath is automatically respected as a brother.


Cacciatore RingsEdit

Box WeaponsEdit

The Box Weapons of the Cacciatore Faiglia were developed from a creation of Verde recovered by Cacciatore Septimo. Caaciatore Septimo, during a battle alongside Bovino Famiglia, was hit by shot from a Ten Year Bazooka and sent into the timeline of the Future Ac (before it was altered by Byakuran's defeat). When in the future Cacciatore Septimo was attacked by a box weapon user (weaker than average standard) and managed to kill his aggressor. He recovered the box weapon and brought it back to the past with him. The creation once brought back was studied and was found to work with the Dying Will Flames of the Sky, possessed by all members of the famiglia. After which the famiglia put its vast accumulated wealth into research to commission the building of dying will weapons for the next generation of the Cacciatore Famiglia leaders.

Volpe Nove-Code de CieloEdit

The Volpe Nove-Code de Cielo is a Sky attribute box weapon based off a mythical creature, the Nine Tailed Fox Demon.


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