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Blizzard Flame, is the property of Senpai. This page is to not be touched without authorization. If you dare touch it, I'll tell the stupid Long-Haired Captain and he will give me permission to kill you.

Blizzard Flame


Color Gold
Kanji ブリザード
Romaji Burizādo
Characteristic Tumulto (Disturbance)
Ability Blizzard generation and manipulation, as well as flame canceling
Users Blizzard Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Arctic

Blizzard Flames are a highly offensive flame. Their characteristic, "Disturbance", allows the flame's user to produce a blizzard, which he or she can freely manipulate. Another feature of this characteristic, is that it can "disturb" other flames, canceling them out effectively. The flame itself takes the appearance of a gold flame with a varying core which is sometimes white, or sometimes a darker shade of yellow.


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