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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Blake Kristensen



Kanji Name ブレーク クリステンセン
Romaji Name Bureeku Kurisutensen
Viz Translation Blake Kristensen
Title Unknown
Gender Female
  • 16
  • 26 (Future)
Status Active
Date of Birth July 7
Famiglia Silvestre Famiglia
Partner Unknown
Team Silvestre Settimo & Guardians
Box Animal
Flame Monsoon
Blood Type O
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
  • Unknown Father
  • Unknown Mother
Seiyu Risa Taneda
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

— Blake


Blake Kristensen (ブレーク クリステンセン, Bureeku Kurisutensen) is the main female protagonist of ---. A young member of the Silvestre Famiglia, she has had ties with the mafia since her early days. Born into poverty in the city nearest where the Silvestre had set up their main home base, she and her kin didn't initially interact with them very much, until the day that tragedy struck. A local conflict erupted in the area, leading to the deaths of her family and most of who she knew. Abandoned and alone, she was discovered by a young Silvestre Sesto lead efforts to pacify an area. Those innocents who had been caught up in the conflict were placed under the famiglia's protection, Blake among them. Because of this care, she grew to greatly admire them, and eventually asked to be adopted as an official member of the family. The sixth boss, having recently received his title, agreed, and her joy was boundless.

Years later, working as a rising courier, she was tasked with the discovery of the next set of guardians and the delivery their accompanying rings. During this journey, she was pursued by various remains of various families that the Silvestre had destroyed during their years active, who hoped to prevent the rise of another generation. In the process of avoiding them, she encountered Caules Silvestre, a young man who possessed the ability to ignite the Seasonal Flames and a surname to match. After saving and later teaming up with her, they managed to defeat their initial attackers. Deciding to select him as the new boss of the family due to this ability, she set out on a journey with him to find the six guardians. Blake would later become them herself, as she discovered the abiility to wield one of the Seven Flames of the Seasons, specifically the Monsoon Flames.

In terms of lineage, she is the seventh-generation Monsoon Guardian.



Full appearance

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A standard sense of disdain for other mafiosos.


Blake's dismissive attitude towards the naive and foolish.


A rare moment of genuine sympathy and concern.


An even rare instance of contentment.


The much more common confidence on full display...


...a confidence that can be often faked.


Terrified at the idea of sullying the Silvestre name.


Blake when truly angered.


Fools are not easily suffered, especially among allies.


The mind of the strategist always on the hunt for her enemy's downfall.


Blake indulging in one of her numerous hobbies with a sense of competitiveness and enjoyment.



Blake as a child, shortly after being accepted into the Silvestre.

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