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Aurora Flame, is the property of Senpai. This page is to not be touched without authorization. If you dare touch it, I'll tell the stupid Long-Haired Captain and he will give me permission to kill you.

Aurora Flame
Soft | Hard
Color Lime
Kanji オーロラ
Romaji Ōrora
Characteristic Diversivo (Distraction)
Ability Trickery, and Aurora generation and manipulation,
Users Aurora Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Arctic

The Aurora Flame's characteristic is "Distraction", which allows the user to create and manipulate aurora, as well as effectively distract their foes. This also makes the flames perfect to use in conjunction with illusions. Utilizing the aurora, one can effectively create illusions on their own, and effectively create real illusions, thus making the Aurora Flame the Arctic variant of the Mist Flame, and Desert Flame respectively. The flames themselves are the weakest of the Dying Will Flames of the Arctic. This said, the aurora they produce is quite useful offensively, having all of the properties of a real aurora, it can electrocute foes, among other things.

The appearance of the flame is that of a lime green flame with a light green core. The flame itself is more opaque than the rest, mirroring a green aurora rather than a flame in terms of visibility. That said, the shape of the flame is that of a normal flame. The Aurora Flame also seems to have two different forms, much like he Sky Flame, it has a "Hard" Flame variant, of which the flame becomes much darker, and the core changes from a lighter, to darker color. This Hard form seems to strengthen illusions and distractions caused by this flame's aurora.


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